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Published on August 31, 2008 By MarcieMoo In Websites

I'm so not good at this stuff.

But I'm so excited!  I'm working on my classroom's website.  My district has allotted us some server space this year to put up a classroom website.  My tech person said to create that in Publisher, and since I'm working on it from home, I have to work in 2003. 

I'm trying to add a slideshow from Photobucket onto my website.  I want it to show up as the actual slideshow and not just a link on the website, and I'm not sure how to do that, and the Help section didn't give me any useable information.

So....I'm wondering if any of you web-savvy people know how to do that and would be willing to walk me through.

It's so for the kids!




on Sep 01, 2008

Ha.  My only advice would be not to use Publisher


The answer to your immediate problem, however, is the <embed> tag, I believe.  If the photobucket slideshow is a shockwave flash thing (which I'm pretty sure it is) then the code would look something like:


<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="xxx" height="yyy" src="http://whatever.the.link.to.the.source.is"></embed>


The src (or source) is likely to look pretty cryptic.  Photobucket probably provides copy and paste scripts for what you're trying to do...problem is, they don't always work as intended.  Nevertheless, you can get the accurate src from it.


There's only one good way to learn web design.  Monkey with it.  Try something, when it doesn't work, break out the google and start reading.  Rinse and repeat.


Good luck.